Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

How I easily took my presents to the next level this year to look aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Supplies for the Gift Wrapping


1. Wrap your package like you would normally and secure with tape.

2. Wrap or just tape ribbon around the present. I used two different ribbon designs going different directions (see above image) on some of the bigger presents and just taped the ribbons at the bottom. For the smaller ones I was able to just use one continuous ribbon piece.

3. Tie the package with twine and secure the label to the twine.

4. Insert a piece or two of holiday greenery (pine twig, etc.) to set it off!

I hope you got some ideas for your Christmas gift wrapping this year. It was actually a bit therapeutic to take the time to put some love into the wrapping and make each one unique and special for each person.

Happy Holidays!!

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